A downloadable spritemess for Windows

150000 MADNESS - a super hard, mega vivid and giga insane shooting game!  Your friends just got imprisoned by the N Corp. Virtual Reality™ defensive systems, and you are the one to save them! Break into a low-level glitchvoid,  shoot loads of aggressive enemies up, rip through 3 challenging bosses, and try to destroy the final, ultimate defensive system! Will you be able to withstand the challenge?


DOWNLOADS include the .exe game file, as well as a .txt manual. This game is not recomended AT ALL for people with epileptic seisure risks and other diseases related to heavy flashing/glitching and sudden/weird audio  (I warned you!) This game is best played on Windows 7, 8, 10. It can be launched with Wine, but may have font/shader issues this way.



Game by kouyousoft [that is me. twitterp-site / bandcamp ]

Original soundtrack by Astro The Fox [also me], available at ELYSIAN TUNES for $0 or more! if you wanna throw some money at me for the game - do it out there!

Prologue comic by Korteh [ deviantart / twitter / vk ]

kouyousoft Logo picture by Neoncel [ deviantart / twitter ]

Install instructions

Download the .exe file and run it, it is the game itself, no installation or anything needed! Download the documentation to understand the game process.


15000 MADNESS P-BETA.exe 181 MB
15000 MADNESS manual.txt 4 kB